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WiFi zones in the Old Town of Stockholm

In the Old Town there are several WiFi zones where you can surf, talk by Skype etc. Most of them are to be found at shops, coffee shops or restaurants and are only available to paying customers. We have listed the most recognized below.

Image of a WiFi zone icon
Image showing a WiFi zone icon


All the WiFi zones in the Old Town

Western Long Street (Västerlånggatan) 1959.32558218.068916
Friar Bridge Street (Munkbrogatan) 659.32333818.068057
Western Long Street (Västerlånggatan) 5759.32402818.07074
Great New Street (Stora Nygatan) 3159.32390718.069817
Western Long Street (Västerlånggatan) 1859.32548918.068862
Note: The WiFi zone at Munkbrogatan 6 is at the kiosk Pressbyrån underground at the Subway station.

The table above shows the most recognized WiFi zones in the Old Town but this changes regularly so it's a good idea to check for the WiFi zone sign at entrance doors to shops and restaurants etc. The WiFi zone doesn't normally offer free Internet access unless you buy something, but we can recommend the following 2 a little extra:


Pressbyrån. This is a nation-wide network of kiosks with long open hour's 7-days a week. Normally it's enough if you buy something cheap to get to use their WiFi for a while.

Espress House

Espresso House. This is a nation-wide network of coffee shops that is normally open 7-days a week. Here you can enjoy your cup of coffee while using their WiFi network.

You can also find the listed WiFi zones on the map below.