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Public restrooms in the Old Town of Stockholm

There are many public restrooms in the Old Town, all but one for both men and women and 2 for disabled persons as well. You find them all at the table and on the map below. If you need to sit down there is fee to be paid.

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Icons/symbols of public restrooms in the Old Town


All Public restrooms in the Old Town

The Tage Erlander Square 11159.32711518.069463
Eastern Long Street (Österlånggatan) 3011159.3235318.07369
Friar Bridge Street (Munkbrogatan) 1911059.32262618.069152
South Riddarholmen Quay (Södra Riddarholmshamnen) 11059.32428518.062671
Ship Bride Street (Skeppsbron) 4811059.32183318.074259
Royal Castle Slope (Slottsbacken) 611059.32611318.072896
Basement Alley (Källargränd) 410059.32558218.071061
G: Gentlemen, L:Ladies, D:Disabled


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In the table above you find all public restrooms listed that are open all around the year. During the summer there are some public restrooms at the Royal Castle but those are closed during the winter season. Please note that all the museums have restrooms available for the visitors and most museums has no entrance fee.

The access the restroom if you need to sit down you has to pay to open the door. You can pay with a 5 or 10 kronor coin alternatively by the App "Coincode". You can download the App for iOS or Android above.

The Public restroom at Tage Erlanders plats has also the extra service of an air pressure pump for wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers.

On the map below all the public restrooms are marked, if clicked on the address will be displayed.