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The Subway in the Old Town of Stockholm

In the Old Town there is one Subway station at Munkbrogatan 6, located at the south west of the island.

Imag of the Subway
The Subway station in the Old Town. Photo by unknown.


Information about the Subway in the Old Town

The Subway has a relatively large network in Stockholm with 3 lines, soon to be 4. The lines uses colours for identification on the map and is called Green line (west to south east), Red line (north to south west) and Blue line (north west to centre). The total number of fares in 2015 was approx. 320 millions.

Bild som visar tunnelbanelinjerna

You have to purchase a ticket before you can pass the gate into the Subway station. All Subway stations are manned during normal working hours but some more remote stations can be unmanned during night. A ticket can be purchased at the manned ticket booth or at the ticket machines. You can even by a ticket that is valid to travel by buses and some of the ferries at the Subway station.

There are several type of tickets you can purchase for traveling by public transportation in Stockholm:

  • Single fare ticket
  • SL Access card
  • 24-hours ticket
  • 72-hours ticket
  • 3-days ticket
  • 7-days ticket
  • 30-days ticket
  • 90-days ticket
  • Summer ticket (May-August)
  • 1-year ticket

Read more about tickets at the Stockholm Public Transportations (SL) Web Site here.

Disabled persons should have not trouble traveling with the Subway or buses since all are adopted that. Person with allergy are recommended to travel in the carriages where animal are not allowed, please note that guide dog are allowed in all carriages at the Subway.

If you are travelling with a pet look for the sign "Husdjur tillåtet" or a sign with a dog without at red cross over it. Please note that an animal must be keep at leash at all time while travelling with the Subway.

At the Subway you are allowed to carry hand luggage including suitcases that can be carried. Moving boxes, furniture, bicycles, Segway's or guns and building materials are not allowed at the Subway or any item longer than 2 meter.

The map below shows where the Subway station in the Old Town is located.