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Ferries in the Old Town of Stockholm

In the Old Town you can travel by the ferry lines "Djurgårdsfärjan" or "Fjäderholmslinjen" to other parts of Stockholm. It's not just a very pleasant way to travel it also gives you a different perspective of the City.

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Djurgårdsfärjan in the Old Town

Djurgårdsfärjan operates 12 months a year but the timetable is more frequent during the summer period. The first ferry normally leaves the Old Town at 06:40 in the morning (weekdays) and the last at 24:00 (weekdays). The ferry travels between the Old Town and Djurgården and the journey takes approx. 15 minutes.

The ticket is the standard Stockholm Public transportation ticket that are valid for buses and the Subway. Please note that the ticket has to be purchased before entering the ferry at any of the following places:

  • Buy the ticket at the Ferry office
  • Buy the ticket at the Subway station
  • Buy the ticket at a Public transportation (SL) office
  • Download and use the SL app for iOS or Android
  • Get a SL Access card and charge it at the Subway station or at a SL office
  • Use a Smart Phone ticket

At the ferries you can bring your bicycle with you without any extra cost if space is available after all passengers has come aboard. You find the ferry terminal marked on the map below. The word Djurgårdsfärjan means in translation "The Animal farm ferry".


Fjäderholmslinjen in the Old Town

Image of a ferry
Fjäderholmslinjen ferry - Stockholms Ström 2

Fjäderholmslinjen operates normally between 1:st Saturday in May to last Sunday in September. The first ferry leaves the Old Town at 10 in the morning and the last at 23 in the evening. Please check their timetable for details here.

Ticket price was in 2016 140 kronor for adults, 120 kronor for seniors and 70 kronor for children. You have to purchase the ticket at the ticket office before entering the ferry.

You find the ferry terminal marked on the map below. The word Fjärderholmslinjen means in translation "The Feather island line ferries".