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Buses and bus stops in the Old Town of Stockholm

In the Old town there are 5 bus stops. The main bus stop at Räntmästartrappan (Skeppsbron 108) has almost 10 bus lines stopping there 24-hour a day 365 days per year.

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All bus stops in the Old Town

The Grain Quay Square 59.32255518.07091159
The Mälar Square 59.32317918.06773559
The House of Nobility Square 59.32551718.06589359
Ship Bride Street (Skeppsbron) 10859.32198118.0743232,53,55,76,96,191,192,193,194,195
Ship Bride Street (Skeppsbron) 859.32601518.0752892,53,191,192

The table above shows all bus stops and bus lines in the Old Town.

General information about the buses and bus stops

At the bus stop there is always a sign with information. At the bus stop shelter there are more information about the bus lines stopping there and a timetable. You can also see the full route through Stockholm for each bus line. For more information and trip planner we recommend the Stockholm Public transportation (SL) Web Site here.

Please note that a ticket can't be purchased at the buses and with no ticket the driver will no let you travel with the bus. The following options to purchase a ticket are available:

  • Buy the ticket at the Subway station
  • Buy the ticket at a Public transportation (SL) office
  • Download and use the SL app for iOS or Android
  • Get a SL Access card and charge it at the Subway station or at a SL office
  • Use a Smart Phone ticket

There are several different types of tickets, from single fare ticket to 1 year unlimited fare ticket. For visitors to Stockholm one of the most popular is the 3-days ticket which allows for unlimited fares during a 3-day period.

Disabled persons can normally travel with all buses in Stockholm since they are with some very few exceptions adopted for disabled people. Please note that the maximum weight for a person with a wheelchair is 300 kg and the wheelchair must not exceed 120 cm in length and 75 cm in width.

For allergic people we recommend the first part of the buses since animals are allowed in the second half of the bus.

If you are traveling with animals you have to go to the second half of the bus. The animals must be keep in a leash and maximum number i 2 animals per person.

At the bus you are allowed to carry hand luggage including suitcases that can be carried. Moving boxes, furniture, bicycles, Segway's or guns and building materials are not allowed at the buses or any item longer than 2 meter.