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Public Transportations in the Old Town

There are a lot of Public transportations in the Old Town of Stockholm. Several bus lines, ferry lines, taxi depot and a main Subway station. Most of them operates all year around and makes the travel to and from the Old Town very easy.

To travel by Public transportation

In this part of the Web Site we have gathered all information about the Public transportations in and arund the Old Town. This is by far the most convenient way of travel to and from the Old Town.

  • The large Subway network of Stockholm has one of its main stations in the Old Town. To travel with the Subway or buses there are several ticket options but they have all one thing in common, the ticket has to be purchased before you enter the Public transportation.
  • The ferries connecting the Old Town with other parts of Stockholm accept the same ticket as you use on the Subway or the Buses with a small additional fee depending of your type of ticket.
  • To travel by Taxi in Stockholm is easy and safe. From January 1:st 2015 all journeys where the price exceeds 500 Swedish kronor has to be given in writing and to a fixed amount.
Bild på en buss
Image of a Ferry
Image of a Taxi sign
Image of a Subway train