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Parking in the Old Town of Stockholm

Do not take the car to the Old Town, we strongly recommend you to leave your car and travel by Subway or by Bus to and from the Old Town. However, we have listed all parking areas in the Old Town on this page if you still decide to bring your car (or bus) with you.

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All parking areas in the Old Town

Bus parkingShip Bride Street (Skeppsbron) 18-1059.32738318.07339
Bus parkingRoyal Castle Quay (Slottskajen) 1659.32724118.070171
Bus parkingFriar Bridge Fairway (Munkbroleden) 1259.32256618.069323
Bus parkingRoyal Castle Slope (Slottsbacken) Buss4-659.3261918.072542
CarparkRoyal Castle Slope (Slottsbacken) SydCa 2059.32631618.07398
CarparkNorth Riddarholm Quay (Norra Riddarholmshamnen) Ca 12059.32403918.063594
CarparkNorth Riddarholm Quay (Norra Riddarholmshamnen) Ca 3059.32617918.062199
CarparkRoyal Castle Quay (Slottskajen) Ca 2059.32711518.069559
CarparkHouse of Nobility Quay (Riddarhuskajen) 1259.32641418.064967
CarparkRoyal Castle Slope (Slottsbacken) NorrCa 4059.32660618.073583
CarparkFriar Bridge Street (Munkbrogatan) 13Ca 3559.32320118.068486
CarparkShip Bridge Quay (Skeppsbrokajen) 108Ca 7059.32224918.074892
CarparkShip Bridge Quay (Skeppsbrokajen) 103Ca 10059.32618418.075546
CarparkSmall New Street (Lilla Nygatan) 9Ca 1059.32458118.067124
GarageRoyal Castle Slope (Slottsbacken) Garage459.32610218.072907

The above table shows all parking areas in the Old Town, there are however also parking at the streets Lilla Nygatan and Stora Nygatan. At most parking areas there are designated handicap parking spaces and special spaces for motorcycles and mopeds.

Info about payment, tickets, fines, and removal of your car.

The rules regarding parking, parking tickets and parking fines are often difficult to understand even if you are a local. We recommend that your read the information regarding this at the Swedish Road Authorities Web Site here.

Image of a parking sign

The sign above "P-automat" means "Parking meter" and that where you should pay for your parking. You normally find it within maximum 100 meters from the parking space. Please note that only 1 Parking meter out of 3 accepts credit cards (there is no Parking meters that accepts cash), the others only accept payment by your mobile phone using the Stockholm City Parking App.

Image of a sign with parking information

The above sign i an example of an Parking Information sign in the Old Town with information regarding the parking fee, during which hours of the day you have to pay for the parking and the credit cards etc. you can use for paying. At the top it says "Avgift" which means "Parking fee". "Alla dagar" means "All days" and "50 kr/tim" means "50 kronor per hour". Disregards the text and number in the middle of the sign it refers to residential with a special parking permit called "Boendeparkering".

The only payment methods available are credit cards and Stockholm City Parking App, the later have we provided download links to below.

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A Parking fine is not fun to get but it still happens. The most common reason is that you didn't pay as you should have for the parking. There are a few basic rules to avoid getting a fine:

  • Pay the Parking ticket
  • Park you car within the lines of the parking space
  • Leave the parking ticket visible at the dash board
  • Never park your car with the front towards the incoming traffic
  • Only park the car where it's a parking space

The average size of a parking fine is from 500 kronor to 1 000 kronor (in 2016). If you park the car in such a way that it is removed you will face much higher parking fine. Please call +46 8 508 284 84 if this happens and find out when and where to get your car back.

Starting from January 1:st 2016 a reminder of the Parking fine will be sent to your address abroad if not paid in time. This is an agreement between Sweden and most countries within EU and is administered by Euro Parking Collection.

At the map below you can see all parking areas in the Old Town, if you click a marker the address will be displayed.