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Before and during your visit to the Old Town of Stockholm

We have put together some usefull information to read before and during your visit to the Old Town of Stockholm. It's some practical advices mixed with general information. You can also read about each subject in more detail here.

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Everything you should know before and during your visit to the Old Town

Image of the emergency number 112

If you or anyone else has an accident where there is A MORTAL DANGER call the Emergency Number 112.

If you or anyone else has an accident where there ARE NOT A MORTAL DANGER or someone STOLEN something from you call the Emergency Number 114 14. Beware of pickpockets in the Old Town during high season.

Image of the Subway

We recommend for all non-disabled persons to use the Subway or Buses for transportation to and from the Old Town unless you are so close that you can walk. We don't recommend car since there are few parking spaces and the parking fee is high with plenty of parking attendants.

Image of a pari of shoes

For walking in the Old Town we recommend sturdy shoes with thick soles. High heels are not a good choice since there are cobblestone paving in the Old Town at most streets and squares.

Image of bottles

You can buy all the beverages you need in the Old Town. There are 2 convenience stores with "normal" prices, Coop at Järntorget (Iron Square) and Munkbrohallen at the entrance to the Subway station. You can also drink or fill your water bottle with the water coming from the old pump at Stortorget (Main Square). Its' the municipal water that everyone living in Stockholm is drinking.

Image of plate with food

You can eat at any of the more than 100 restaurants in the Old Town. Please note that in Sweden lunch (normally between 11:30 - 14:00) is served at a discounted price and includes main course, salad, water, coffee or tea and sometimes even a biscuit. There are no McDonnald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut i.e. in the Old Town.

Image of restrooms signs

There are many public restrooms in the Old Town and they are normally cleaned several times per day but can still be less than perfect during high season. If you are disabled most of the Public Restrooms are adopted for your need.

Image of disabled persons sign

If you are disabled we recommend that you bring an assistant with you for your visit to the Old Town. The Old Town are exempted from the law of accessibility in Sweden due to cultural protection. However it's still worth a visit and to start by taking a taxi to Stortorget (the Main Square) gives you a good start since everything else in the Old Town after that is downhill.

Image the time 10-18

In the Old Town each shop, restaurant, pub etc. decides their own open hours individually but the most common for shops is: Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 with a bit shorter open hours during the weekend. The Restaurants opens later and stays open later, often until midnight. Many Museums, Libraries etc. keep the same open hours as the shops. During the winter season many of the shops and restaurants might be closed.

Image of coins

In the Old Town, as in Sweden in general, cash and credit cards are always accepted. Exceptions are restrooms and parking meters where cash is not always accepted. In some of the more tourist orientated shops you can often pay with Euro and US Dollars. There are a few exchange offices but we recommending to withdrawing the cash you need from an ATM machine for best conversion rate.

Image of a Phone sign, WiFi sign and a Mail box

No, there is not a single public phone booth in the Old Town, there is actually not a single one in Stockholm. They were all removed in 2015 so don't forget to bring your mobile phone with you.

There are several WiFi zones but normally only at a shop, café or restaurants and only for the paying customers. The best options at the time of this writing is the 2 shops of Pressbyrån in the Old Town where you only have to buy something very cheap (like an ice cream for 10 kronor) in the store to get access to the WiFi zone.

There are plenty of Mail Boxes in the Old Town and to be on the safe side we recommend that you use the Yellow ones.

Image of a map

Before your visit to the Old Town we recommend that you get a map since there are more than 100 streets and alleys to explore.

Have a nice visit to the Old Town
The Editorial Staff


Map of the Old Town of Stockholm