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Accessibility in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Old Town of Stockholm is protected by law to preserv the area for future generations and this means that normal Swedish regulations regarding accessibility don't apply. If you are disabled and have problems walking, climbing stairs, using ordinary restrooms etc. this will affect you.

Image of a stone paved street
Image showing normal paving in the Old Town


Everything about accessibility in the Old Town

If you have problem walking, using a wheelchair, have problem climbing stairs or need restrooms for disabled people you probably need some assistance visiting the Old Town.

The standard paving in the Old Town is pictured on the image above, but in some places there are even older stone paving with rounded stones. There are few or no ramps for wheelchairs in the public environment and to access some areas you need to climb stairs. The restrooms are normally not adopted for disabled persons. If you are disabled with problem to move freely this doesn't sound to good, but let us help you with some few tips to make it easier if you want to visit the most charming part of Stockholm.

Start by not using the Subway or the Buses to get to the Old Town. The reason is that they all stop at the lowest part of the Old Town and everything from there will be up hill. The Old Town is built on a ridge with the Main square, the Royal Castle, the Stockholm Cathedral and some of the most interesting museums all located at the top of the ridge. Take a taxi to the Main square (Stortorget) instead, the perfect place to start the visit.

At the Main square are a few outdoor cafés during the summer period, close by is also the Royal Castle and the Stockholm Cathedral. If you have planned your visit well you can after viewing the change of the Royal Guard at noon walk down to the main tourist trap, the street Västerlånggatan (Western Long Street). Walk the street all the way to the square "Järntorget" (Iron square) where you will find some more nice outdoor cafés and patisseries. Along the way you will find a lot of things to look at and maybe buy.

Not far from "Järntorget" is the square "Kornhamstorg" and there you will find the only taxi depot in the Old Town. However, this square is not very far from the Subway station if you prefere that. And, it's all downhill from the Main square where you started. Have a nice visit to the Old Town.