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Stay & sleep in the Old Town of Stockholm

Welcome to the part of Stay and Sleep in the Old Town of Stockholm at the Web Site. There are many hotels, hostels and apartments if you want to stay in the Old Town and we have tried to list them all here.

In the menu at the top left of this page or by the images below you can select the different offers for overnight stay or short time staying in the Old Town. Hostels are often the cheapest and apartments the more expensive, but if you divide it on a number of persons it might turn out different.


The Old Town can offer you a wide range of hotels, from 2-star rating to 5-star rating. Two of them are very unique in the their appearance but they all have in common that they are located in the Old Town and most sights etc. in Stockholm are within walking distance. It also makes it very easy to go out in the evening to one of the 100 restaurants in the Old Town, often located at a cosy alley or small square.


In the Old Town there are several hostels with rooms for 2-4 persons. Often breakfast is included in the price but not always, this is not a problem however with plenty of restaurants within a few minutes walking distance. Some of the hostels also have a small hotel part where there are regular hotel rooms, but to a different price of course.


In the Old Town there are apartments available for short term rental. Most are offered by private persons and special Web Sites at the internet but we don't list them here since it's really a gamble what you get and if you get it. We only list apartments available by hotels or professional companies.

Image of a hotel room
Image of a hostel
Image of an apartment