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The Parliament Public Gallery in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Public Gallery at the Chamber takes about 500 guests and is open when the Chamber is in session. Please note that there are strict rules what you as an visitor can do and not. All types of mainfestations, demonstrations, applause etc. are forbidden and will result in that you will have to leave the Gallery at once.

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The Parliament public gallery
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LAT = 59.327651, LONG = 18.067424

Info about the Public Gallery at the Parliament in the Old Town

We recommend you to visit the Parliament Web Site by the Home Page button above to find out the up-to-date schedule for visits to the Parliament. At their Web Site is also information about accessibility, sign language interpreter etc.

Generally the Parliament is open to visitors during the period September to June at Saturdays and Sundays, during the summer it's open at weekdays.

When visiting the Public Gallery please note that the security controls normally takes approx. 10 minutes, if there are many visitors this take much longer. You will not be allowed to bring your outerwear or bag with you, these have to be put in a cabinet and to open and close the cabinet you need one Swedish 10-kronor coin.

At the Public Gallery you are allowed to take pictures but not with flash or lamps. Taking pictures at the member of Parliaments notes and papers/documents are not allowed and you can be charged with espionage if doing that.