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The Royal Treasury in the Old Town of Stockholm

In the basement of the Royal Castle is the Royal Treasury located with its treasuries. Here are the Swedish Crown Jewels on display. Here are the Swedish regalia to be seen and much more valuable items filled with gold and gems. It's well worth a visit.

Image of the Royal Treasury
The Crown Jewels at the Royal Treasury. Photo by Alexis Daflos © Royal Court.
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Info about the Royal Treasury in the Old Town

The Royal Treasury is located in the basement of the Royal Castle and can be accessed by the south Gate (see the map below). We recommend that you visit the Royal Treasury Web Site for up-to-date information about open hours etc. before a visit. It's available by the Home Page button above.

The Royal Treasury was founded in 1696 with the purpose to display the Swedish regalia for the public. Before that these valuable items had been looked away and only use at special occasions by the Royal family.

The Swedish regalia are the property of the nation Sweden and not the Royal family, but they are at the Royal family disposal to be use at state business.


The cutaway drawing above shows the Royal Treasury location at the Royal Castle.

Some of the most prominent items in the Royal Treasury are:

  • The Crown of King Erik XIV (regalia)
  • The Sceptre of King Erik XIV (regalia)
  • The Orb of King Erik XIV (regalia)
  • The Sword of King Gustav Vasa (regalia)
  • The Key of King Erik XIV (regalia)
  • The Crown of Queen Lovisa Ulrika
  • The Crown of Queen Maria Eleonora
  • The Crown of Queen Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta
  • The Crown of Queen Sofia Albertina
  • The Crown of Prince Wilhelm
  • The Crown of Duke Karl
  • The Crown of Duke Fredrik Adolf
  • The Crown of King Karl X Gustav
  • The Font of King Karl XI
  • The King Sveno tapestry