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The Royal Coin Cabinet in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Royal Coin Cabinet is all about money, coins, bank notes, medals etc. Here is where you find all coins and bank notes in Sweden from the very start up until today. This is where the largest coin in the world is to be seen, all 19.7 kg of it.

Image of the Royal Coin Cabinet
The Royal Coin Cabinet. Photo by Gabriel Hildebrand. © The Royal Coin Cabinet 2012
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LAT = 59.325943, LONG = 18.073304

Info about the Royal Coin Cabinet in the Old Town

The Royal Coin Cabinet is located at Slottsbacken 6 opposite the Royal Castle (see the map below). For information about open hours etc. we recommend you to visit the Royal Coin Cabinet Web Site available by the Home Page button above.

In the year 1572 started the clerk Rasmus Ludvigsson at the Royal Court of King Johan III to collect Swedish coins. This was the start of a growing collection that 100 years later was taken by Queen Kristina when she abdicated and left Sweden for Rome in Italy.

A YouTube video about the Royal Coin Cabinet. © TVfyris 2016.

In 1693 buys the King Karl XI back parts of the collection that was pawned in Amsterdam after her death 1689. In 1769was the now large collection of coins placed at the Royal Castle but still not displayed for the public. In 1786 is the collection put on public display and in 1975 the Royal Coin Cabinet becomes independent and the home of the collection.

In 1996 moves the Royal coin Cabinet to its present facilities and the collection is once again expanded to cover the period from the first coin up to present day.