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The Post museum (Mail museum) in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Post museum was founded in 1906 in the same building as it is today. The building has been owned by the Swedish postal service since 1720 and until 1869 it was the only post office in Stockholm. Today most of the building is used by the Post museum, 2 700 square meters (29 000 square foot), and here you will find exhibitions about stamps, letters, mail deliveries and much more.

Image of the Post museum
The Post museum. Photo by Ulf Michal
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LAT = 59.324099, LONG = 18.068047

Info about the Post museum (Mail museum) in the Old Town

The Post museum is located at Lilla Nygatan 6 in the Old Town (see the map below). Please us the museum Web Site for up-to-date open hours and other information, available by the Home Page button above.

The Swedish postal service was founded in 1636 by a suggestion of Axel Oxenstierna. The first regular postal deliveries started already in 1520 between Markaryd (at that time a border town) and Hamburg in today's Germany. The raw model was the family Taxi's relay system that covered most Europe at the time.

In 1638 was the first fixed tariff for mail deliveries established between Stockholm and other cities in Sweden.

A YouTube video about the Swedish postal service history by the Post museum 2010.

In 1660 was the first registered mail created where a written signature by the recipient was required. In 1686 came the first postmark. In 1852 started the mail transports by railroad and in 1920 was the first mail transport by airplane. In 1968 was the zip code introduced which required much less local knowledge to get the mail to the right place. In 1993 was the last year of the mail monopoly in Sweden and since then several private postal services has started.

In 2009 the PostNord (todays Swedish postal service) had 15 000 mailman and 3 000 drivers that every day delivers the mail to more than 900 000 companies and 4,5 million private persons. Every day is the mail deposited at 30 000 mail boxes collected and approx. 100 000 persons are visiting a post office.