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The Nobel museum in the Old Town of Stockholm

At the Nobel museum all the winners and their discoveries are displayed at the great exhibition. Mr Alfred Nobel and his deeds that are the background of the Nobel Prize is also presented.

Image of the Nobel museum
The Nobel museum. Photo by Karin Jonsson © Nobel museum 2012 (the image is cropped)
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Info about the Nobel museum in the Old Town

The Nobel museum is located at the Main Square 2 (Stortorget) in the very heart of the Old Town. For open hours and other information we recommend the Nobel museum Web Site available by the Home Page button above.

The Nobel museum in the Old Town was open in 2001 at the 100 years celebration of the first awarded Nobel Prize. One of the winners in 1901 was Henri Dunant who got the Peace Prize for his work at the Red Cross.

Alfred Nobel instituted the Nobel Prize by his will and it said that an foundation should be formed to give a prize to the persons that during the previous year had done mot for the humanity within the field of physics, chemistry, physiology/medicine, literature and peace work. The last prize was to be awarded by the Norwegian Parliament. In 1968 one more prize was added, the prize is economy by the National Bank of Sweden in the memory of Alfred Nobel.

A YouTube video about the Nobel museum by Rick Steves 2011

The foundation that was formed according to Alfred Nobel's will got a sum of 31 million Swedish kronor (equivalent of approx. 1 billion Swedish kronor today - 150 million USD). In 2007 the value was approx. 3.7 billion Swedish kronor.

Each winner, if more than one winner for the same prize the amount is split equal, gets 8 million Swedish kronor (2015), a medal designed by Erik Lindberg and diploma with a motive reflecting the awarded discovery by the winner.

The Nobel prize ceremony takes place at the day Alfred Nobel died, December 10:th, in the Stockholm Concert Hall. The Nobel Prize is handed out by His Majesty the King of Sweden (since 1902).

There are also a number of events that takes place associated with the Prize ceremony and the most well-known is the large banquet at the Stockholm City Hall. The winners arrives normally to Stockholm one week before December 10:th and participate in different events. One of them is the visit to the Nobel Museum to see the exhibitions and have lunch in the museum coffee shop. During the lunch all winners are asked to sign their name at the bottom of the chair they are sitting on, so don't forget to check the chair if you visit the coffee shop at the Nobel Museum.