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The Museum Tre Kronor in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Museum Tre Kronor means The Museum Three Crowns and Three Crowns was the name of the old Royal Castle before the present one. It was destroyed in a great fire in 1697 but the northern part did survive the fire to a great extent and made up the foundation for the present Royal Castle. At the museum you can see the old Royal Castle from 13:th century up to 1697, it looked very much like a Cinderella castle with towers, walls, moat, drawbridge etc.

Image of the museum Tre Kronor
The Museum Tre Kronor. © Royal Court (the image is cropped).
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LAT = 59.327487, LONG = 18.0709

Info about the Museum Tre Kronor in the Old Town

The Museum Tre Kronor is located in the Royal Castle basement beneath the northern part of the main building (see the map below). The entrance is from the north where Norrbro (The Northern Bridge) ends at the Royal Castle.

We recommend that you visit the museum Tre Kronor Web Site available by the Home Page button above for up-to-date information about open hours etc.

The Museum Tre Kronor is the youngest museum at the Royal Castle and was opened the first time in 1999. At the museum you will find several models of the old Royal Castle up until the great fire in 1697. The museum itself is located in the oldest part of the Royal Castle, the vaults that survived the great fire.

Museet Tre Kronor

A Cutaway drawing of the Royal Castle with the Museum Tre Kronor marked with a red dot.

A important part of the museum, besides the models, are the outer wall of the old Royal Castle. When entering the museum you actually pass through it, 6 meter thick.