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Museum in the Old Town of Stockholm

Welcome to the section about museum at the Web Site. There are more museums in the Old Town of Stockholm than anywhere else in Sweden at a comparable area, the total number is 10. The museums are also among the most popular in Sweden, this is where you find the Crown Jewels, the Royal Coin Museum with all the coins, bank notes etc. of Sweden but also from other countries.

You can find all the museums by the menu at the top left or by selecting an image below. To help you find the one you are interested in we have listed the most visited ones below.

Some of the most popular museums in the Old Town

  • The oldest museum in Sweden is the Royal Armoury and with more than 250 000 visitors per year it's also one of the most popular to visit. It's located in the Royal Castle basement. It was founded in 1628 with the purpose to preserve weapons, armour, cloths that King Gustav II had used during his campaign in Poland that year. Today the museum contains carriages, weapons, armour, cloths and other things associated with the art of war. The collection is regarded as one of the finest in the world within it's field of expertise.
  • The Royal Treasury with the Crown Jewels are another very popular museum to visit in the Old Town. It's not just the Crown Jewels that are displayed but also a large collection of royal jewellery from the 16:th century and up until today. This is also where the Swedish regalia are displayed. The oldest item is the Sword of King Gustav Vasa from 1561.
  • The Royal Coin Cabinet, or "The National Museum of Economy with a special interest in history of money, history of finance, economic and social history and the art of medals". At this museum you find coins and bank notes from Sweden and other countries, for example this is where the largest coin in the world, with a weight of 19.7 kg, is kept. Here you can learn about the currency history from the oldest coin in the world, from 625 B.C., to the most common coin today.
  • The Royal Apartments at the Royal Castle with more than 350 000 visitors per year is where you find the grandeur of how the Royal Family lived in the past, their bedrooms, guestrooms, living rooms, reception rooms i.e. The Royal Family (the King and Queen) is living at Drottningholm castle west of Stockholm since 1981 and only use the Royal Castle as their office, this has the effect that the greater part of the Royal Castle is open for visitors.
Image of Gustav IIIs Museum of Antiquities
Image of a room in the Royal Apartments
Image from the Museum Forum for Living History
Image of the Royal Armoury
Image from an exhibition at the Medieval Museum
Image from the museum Tre Kronor
Image from the Royal Coin Cabinet
Image from the exhibitions at the Nobel museum
Image from the Post museum
Image of the great hall at the House of Nobility
Image from an exhibition at the Royal Treasury