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Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities in the Old Town of Stockholm

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities is located in the basement of Northeast wing of the Royal Castle and is one of the oldest museums in Europe. It opened in 1794 and contains more than 200 sculptures that King Gustav III brought with him back home to Sweden after his journey to Italy 1783-1784.

Image of Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities
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Info about Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities in the Old Town

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities are located at the basement of the Northeast wing of the Royal Castle (see the map below). Entrance is from the Lion slope (Lejonbacken).

The Museum is normally open from the end of April to the end of September. During April and mid-May the open hours are Tuesday to Sunday 10-16. During mid-May to the end of September the open hours are every day 10-17. Please check the up-to-date information at the museums Web Site by the Home page button above.

Watch the YouTube movie about the museum above. © Royal Court 2014.

The museum has 2 galleries with the larger having windows facing the Logården (Lynx garden) of the Royal Castle. In this gallery the most famous sculpture is Endyumion. In the smaller gallery there are several portrait sculptures etc. All sculptures was bought in 1783-1784 by King Gustav III.

Gustav III anikmuseum

The cutaway drawing above shows the museums location at the Royal Castle (the red dot).

In 1792 King Gustav III initiated the Royal Museum to display the sculptures that he bought at his journey to Italy 1783-1784. This first museum was located in today's Bernadotte Gallery at the 1:st floor of the Royal Castle. It was only intended as a temporary solution before the planned castle at the Haga Park was being built. This never happened since the King was assassinated in March 1792 and his brother after becoming the new king decided that the museum should be located at the basement beneath the library at the Northeast wing of the Royal Castle. It's still located there today.

Gustav III:s antikmuseum 1796
The Royal Museum's smaller gallery 1796. Painting by Pehr Hilleström

The Museum was designed by Carl Sundvall and C.F. Fredenheim in neo-classic design. In the 19:th century the facilities became overcrowded and the museum moved to present National museum. Until 1956 the facilities where used by the Royal Library, the Royal Armoury and the Royal Court.

Gustav III:S antikmuseum mindre galleriet
Gustav III:s Museum of Antiguities small gallery. Photo by Wolfgan Sauber

In 1956 the sculptures at the National museum that were bought by King Gustav III during his journey to Italy was moved back to the Royal Castle and the present facilities. The museum was also restored to the same appearance that it had in 1794.