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The Bernadotte Library in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Bernadotte Library contains more than 100 000 books and a large collection of music belonging to kings and queens in the Bernadotte family. It's not open to the public other than groups, there are however from time to time music and other events in the library than are open for an admission fee.

Image of the Bernadotte library
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Info about the Bernadotte library in the Old Town

The Bernadotte Library is located in the Royal Castle Northeast wing and shares the entrance with the Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities. See the Cutaway drawing below with the red dot marked or the map further down the page.

Slottet i genomskärning visa Bernadottebiblioteket

The Northwest wing of the Royal Castle was designed for a library from the beginning and is called "The Library Wing".

The Library itself was designed by the architect Carl Johan Cronstedt in the mid-18:th century. The interior of the Library has even an earlier origin since it contains bookshelves from a planned library in the late 17:th century that never was built. The Bernadotte Library was created by King Gustaf VI in 1952 but it has its roots in the Royal Library (present National Library of Sweden) from 1796.

In 1907 when the king Oscar II died the Bernadotte family library was founded and was called His Majesty the King's Library, the name was changed to The Bernadotte Library in 1952.

The oldest book in the library is a handwritten French manuscript from 1280 about feast of Jesus Crown of Thorns and was a gift by the French King Filip IV to the Swedish King Magnus Birgersson. Also the oldest music that is mentioned in a document at the library comes from the feast of Jesus Crown of Thorns.

The Bernadotte Archive and the kings private archive is available through the Bernadotte Library, neither of these archives are open to the public.