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The Swedish National Day celebrations in the Old Town of Stockholm

in 1983 the Swedish Parliament decided to make June 6:th into the National Day of Sweden, from 2005 this day has also been made into a national holiday. In the Old Town, where both the Parliament and the Royal Castle is located, there are a number of activities on this day.

Bild på Sveriges nationaldag
The celebration of the Swedish National Day at Royal Castle Logården in the Old Town.

Info about the celebrations of the National Day in the Old Town

In the Old Town there are a number of activities that takes place at the Swedish National Day, some of them are:

  • The activity "Open Castle" at the Royal Castle
  • Different type of activities at the Stockholm Cathedral
  • Early Music Festival (read more about it here)
  • The Children National Day by Mäster Olofsgården
  • Different type of activities by Mäster Olofsgården

Open Castle

Open Castle is very popular among the people visiting the Old Town and is arranged by the Royal Court, The Royal Armory, The National Property Board of Sweden and The Royal Guard.

The main activity is that on this day all public parts of the Royal Castle (the Royal Apartments, Museums and some other areas) are open without admission fee. For example is this the only day of the year that the private east part of the main building is open for visitors. The "Open Castle" is initiated by someone from the Royal family, normally at 11 AM.

Open Castle also includes lectures at the Hall of State by well-known persons. The Royal Armory Museum has special activities for children including dubbing to knighthood etc. In the Bernadotte library there have been exhibitions of Royal cloth's and lectures about the Royal families from the past. In the Royal church there have been concerts and special guided tours. At the Royal Treasury there have been special exhibitions of valuable items.

Stockholm Cathedral

The Stockholm Cathedral often arranges a number of activities during the National Day. It normally start at 11 PM and is initiated by someone from the Church of Sweden. Some of the arrangements in the past has been admission to the church tower (normally closed for visitors), lectures about some of the artist of the Work of Art in the church, concerts and guided tours of the church.

Childrens National Day

Mäster Olofsgården arranges the Children National Day in the park between the Stockholm Cathedral and the old Stock Exchange building. the arrangement, which is free of charge, include a lot of activities such as dressing in medieval cloths, music performed by music schools, Street dance, renaissance dance, visits by well-known actors, clowns and much more.

Mäster Olofsgården

Mäster Olofsgården together with the City mission arranges a number of activities in the Old Town during the National Day. There are speeches at the Main Square, lectures, singing by choirs, professional dancers, fashion exhibitions and much more.