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Stockholm Half marathon in the Old Town of Stockholm

Stockholm Half maraton started as the Stockholm race in 1927 with a length of 25 km and a few hundred participants. Today the race is 21 098 meter in length (half of a full marathon race) and in 2016 the number of participants was 18 000.

Bild på Stockholm halvmarathon
Stockholm Half marathon 2015. Photo by unknown.

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Info about Stockholm Half marathon

Stockholm Half marathon start normally at Gustav Adolfs square opposite the Royal Castle and next to the Opera. The finish is since a few years back at Norrbro, the bridge connecting the Old Town with Gustav Adolfs square. The race takes place in the first half of September at approx. 3 PM. The participants are divided into 8 groups based on their previous records.

Stockholm Half marathon passes the Old Town twice at Skeppsbron, the main street in front of the Royal Palace along the water front. You can read all about the race at their own Web Site by the Home page button above.

YouTube DN Stockholm Half marathon 2016.

We can recommend to viewing the race from the stairs in front of the Royal Castle at the Logården (the Garden). You have to be there in good time before the race since the police will block parts of the Old Town. Don't go by car or buses, use the Subway.