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The Royal Palace Sprint in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Royal Palace Sprint is a part of the FIFA World Cup in Cross Country skiing. It's a sprint race of 1 030 meters at the Royal Palace in the Old Town of Stockholm.

Image of the Palace Sprint 2016
Royal Palace Sprint 2016. Photo by unknown.

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Info about the Royal Palace Sprint in the Old Town

The Royal Palace sprint was held the first time in 2000 and was won by Bente Skari Martinsen and Odd Bjoern Hjelmset. The race normally takes place mid-March but there are years when there is no race at all. Please check the Web Site button above for up-to-date information about the coming Royal Palace Sprint at their own Web Site.

The Royal Palace Sprint is not just a race it's also a large folk feast in the Old Town with a lot of activies both at the race track but also the whole Old Town. We hope that the Norwegian competitors don't need to take all their special medication, even taken when they are in perfect health, in Stockholm since the climate is rather mild here.

The race track is 1 030 meter long. The start is at Skeppsbron (at the water front) in front if the Royal Castle and the finish is at the top of Slottsbacken at the Obelisk (in front of the Stockholm Cathedral and the Royal Castle). During the race there are normally temporary platforms for visitors at Slottsbacken with a perfect view.

YouTube film about the Royal Palace Sprint 2012. The film was made by Stockholms Rullskidklubb

Here is some facts and statistics about the Royal Palace Sprint.

  • The snow for the race is produced in Stockholm if Mother Nature is not helpful.
  • It takes approx. 4 000 cubic meter (141 000 cubic feet) artificial snow for the race.
  • The Water used to produce the artificial snow is taken from the lake Mälaren, it's the coldest water in Stockholm.
  • The temperature has to be minimum -3 degrees Celsius to produce artificial snow
  • 1 cubic meter of water gives 2 cubic meter of artificial snow.
  • Artificial snow resembles ice crystals more than ordinary snow, it also means that it's sturdier than ordinary snow.
  • If it gets to warm one can mix salt into the artificial snow to stop it melting.
  • Artificial snow requires a different type of ski vax for the skis.