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The Living Advent Calendar in the Old Town of Stockholm

We have to start by informing you that this event is normally performed in Swedish only but it's till well worth the visit due to it's special atmosphere. The Living Advent Calendar is a live gap opening that takes place at 24 different locations in the Old Town, starting December 1:st and ending on December 24:th.

At each occasion there are a performance of music and storytelling, often by well know persons. The whole event takes approx. 15 minutes.

Bild på Den levande julkalendern
The Living Advent Calendar 2015. Photo by unknown

Bild på hemsida

Info about the Living Advent Calendar in the Old Town

The Living Advent Calendar is arranged by Mäster Olofsgården since 2005. Please visit their Web Site by the Web Site button above for more information about this year event, time and place. Unfortunately their Web Site (at the time of this writing 2016) is in Swedish only but maybe you can ask someone to help you translate when and where is will take place.

YouTube film - The Living Advent Calendar 2015, Gap no 3.

The History of the Christmas Calendar

In the 1880 there was a mother in Germany that was thinking what she could do before the Christmas which made it more exiting for her children, especially her little son Gerhard. She decided to bake 24 cookies, all with different appearances and put then one by one in different packages. Gerhard was now to open the packages, one by one, for each day before Christmas and of course also to eat the cookie.

When Gerhard Lang, which was his name, grow up he became the part owner of a printing company and remembered his mother's cookies and decided to print a calendar to make all children experience what he had experienced before Christmas. In 1920 this became the first Christmas Advent Calendar in the world and became an overnight success.

In 1934 the first Christmas Advent Calendar was introduced in Sweden and it was illustrated by the artist Aina Stenberg-masOlle. She went on to do the next 29 until she was 80 years old. Today the Christmas Advent Calendar is everywhere before Christmas and most of today's people have grown up with one hanging in the kitchen or the living room.

The first Living Advent Calendar was started in the Old Town 2005 by Mäster Olofsgården, the German church, Gamla stan sällskapet, Ingvar Tägström and Michael Djerks. It has got followers in many Swedish cities.