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Stockholm Early Music Festival in the Old Town

The Stockholm Early Music Festival takes place in the beginning of June each year and it's a sparkling sensation of music from the whole world and from centuries back in time. You will find baroque music, opera, western art music, folk music, dance music and much more. The Stockholm Early Music Festival is under her Majesty the Queen protection and is regarded as a living cultural treasure taken place at the very heart of Stockholm.

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Early Music Festival image 2016

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Info about the Early Music Festival in the Old Town

The Stockholm Early Music Festival was arranged the first time in 2002. The main part of the Festival takes place in the German church, the Finnish church and at the Stockholm Cathedral. The ticket office is at the German church. For more information please use the Web Site button above and you will be transferred to their own Web Site.

Film about the Stockholm Early Music Festival 2016

This is how Peter Pontvik describes the Festival 2016

Dear "early music-lovers"

It is noteworthy that the term "early music-lover" hasn't yet found its way into the dictionaries of the Swedish Academy. After all, this 15 year anniversary of SEMF would not have been a reality if not for you - the "early music-lovers"! Thank you for demonstrating and reaffirming, year after year, the essential role of early music in our lives! "It's never too late for early music" is the tongue-in-cheek catchphrase that has become a widely recognised motto for the genre of early music in Sweden.

We are very proud to inaugurate this 15 year anniversary festival with none other than Concentus Musicus Wien, founded by Polar Prize winner Nikolaus Harnoncourt. The Croatian vocal ensemble Dialogos offers us exciting adventures into the world of south European folk music, rooted in the Middle Ages, as does the renowned Italian Marco Beasley, who showcases both Monteverdi and Neapolitan traditional music. La Grande Chapelle raises Spanish baroque to the heavens and the festival conclusion comes in the form of "Luther goes Bach", a concert in honour of the reformation featuring several German top musicians. Keep an eye out for music from Lithuania, Switzerland and the Basque Country as well!

We of course agree with Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's main daily newspaper: "Stockholm Early Music Festival - a sure sign of summer in Stockholm's Old Town".

Peter Pontvik
Director Stockholm Early Music
Chairman NORDEM