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The Old Town Christmas Market in Stockholm

Every year since 1915 is the Old Town Christmas market arranged at the Main Square in the Old Town by Stockholms-Gillet. It starts on the last Saturday before Advent 1:st and ends on December 23:rd. There are more than 40 sheds where you can buy traditional Swedish handicraft produkts, smoked reindeer, smoked elk, chocolate, jam, nuts and much more. You can also buy a cup of coffee or the more traditional Swedish drink, Glogg.

Bild på Stortorgets julmarknad
The Old Town Christmas Market. Photo by unkown

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Info about the Old Town Christmas Market at the Main Square

We recommend a visit to the Old Town Christmas Market by the House icon above. Please note that the Web Site uses Google translate for avilability in 20 languages.

The Old Town Christmas Market is the oldest Christmas market in Stockholm and the whole of Sweden. It has it's roots back in 1523 when king Gustav Vasa started the tradition in Sweden in today's Old Town of Stockholm. The surplus from the Christmas Market is use for scholarship awards by Stockholms-Gillet to persons that has documented or in other ways made visible the development of Stockholm building history etc.

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The History of the Christmas market

The first Christmas markets where held in Germany and Austria in the 14:th century. One of the oldest surviving from that period is the Christmas market at Bautzen i Germany from 1384. From the beginning the Christmas market was just a ordinary market selling food and products needed for the winter.

The Old Town Christmas market was founded in 1523 by the king Gustav Vasa who didn't like the catholic traditional market hold at Saint Thomas day at December the 21:th since he had decided to introduce the reformation to Sweden. He decided to borrow the tradition with Christmas markets from Germany and introduce it to Sweden. In 1523 the first ever Christmas market was hold at the Main Square in today's Old Town at his initiative.

This early Christmas market has evolved into today's Old Town Christmas Market and according to the rules set up på Stockholms-Gillet in 1915 only quality products are allowed to be sold, often handmade products from local producers.