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The Waters surrounding the Old Town of Stockholm

The Old Town of Stockholm is surrounded by water and has always been but at the medieval times there were much more water than today. The increase of the land area is due to mankind activities and to the raising of the land since the ice age (approx. 50cm/100 years).

By the menu at the top left on this page under the headline "Places/Waters", by the selector above or by the markings at the map below you can select a water surrounding the Old Town you would like to know more about. If you select "Start page" you will come back here.

Image of a water surrounding the Old Town
Airial photo of the Old Town by unknown

Info about the waters surrounding the Old Town

The 4 islands of the Old Town is situated between the Baltic Sea and the large lake Mälaren, this is one of the main reasons that the city was founded here in the first place at the years after 1 000 A.D. This also means that today a lock is needed for ships travelling from the Baltic Sea to the lake Mälaren. The first lock was built in the mid-17:th century and before that during a couple of hundred years the ships were drawn by hand into the lake. However, before 1200 A.D, the lake didn't exist, it was just a bay of the Baltic Sea.