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The Terraces in the Old Town of Stockholm

There are some terraces in the Old Town, the best known is probably "Högvaktsterassen" (The Royal Guard Terrace) very close to the Royal Palace. Each terrace has its own history to tell and we will tell if for you.

By the menu at the top left of this page, by the selector above or by a marking at the map below you can select a terrace you would like to know more about.

Image of a terrace in the Old Town
The Evert Taube terrace

Info about the terraces in the Old Town

A Terrace is a raised open, normally, flat area often near a building. In the Old Town you can find 3 terraces out of which 2 fits the description perfectly while one (the Evert Taube terrace) is more of an open area by the water. But they all have in common that they will give you a very nice view of a part of Stockholm.