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The Squares in the Old Town of Stockholm

There are many squares in the Old Town, some small and some large and some very old. This is where you find the oldest square in Stockholm, Stortorget (the Main Square) and the 2:nd, 3:rd and 4:th oldest as well. One of the oldest is Järntorget (the Iron Square) which has a very interesting history to tell and at this square is also the building of the oldest National Bank in the world.

By the menu top left under the headline "Places/Squares", by the selector above or by the markings at the map below you can select the squares that you would like to know more about.

Image of a square in the Old Town
The Kornhamn square

Info about the squares in the Old Town

The oldest square in Stockholm is Stortorget (the Main Square) in the Old Town. This square is as old as the city is and from the very beginning this square was called Bytorget (the village square) because it was the only square in Stockholm. During the first period in Stockholm's history the squares were not always what we consider a square but rather an open space with a water pump and space for some booths where merchants sold food and other items.

The Main Square was special since at this square was the City Hall located and that meant a lot of activities such as proclamation of news, laws etc. At this square was also the punishment pole to be found and it was also here that the wealthiest persons in the city lived. The Main Square was in all essence the very heart of Stockholm for many hundreds of years.

If you look at today's squares in the Old Town you can divide them into some few categories; Square's that started as a market space; Järntorget (the Iron Square), Kornhamns torg (the Grain Square), Mälartorget (the Mälar Square) and Munkbron (the Friar Square). Squares that were centered around a water pump; Stortorget (the Main Square) and Tyska Brunnsplan (the German Well Square). Squares that were formed after the old city wall was demolished; Mynttorget (the Coin Square) and Köpmantorget (the Merchant Square). Squares that were formed as turning spaces for horses with carriages; Gåstorget (the Goose Square), Brända tomten (the Burned down square) and Sven Vintappares torg (Sven the Winemakers Square). Squares form after the removal of a cemetery; Birger Jarls torg (Birger Jarl Square). Squares that were built as a square from the beginning; Riddarhustorget (the Square of the House of Nobility).

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