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The Parks in the Old Town of Stockholm

There are more parks in the Old Town than most people belive, most of them small but one is bigger and very beautiful located and one is the first city park in Sweden. Read more about the parks in the Old Town at the part of the Web Site.

By the menu top left under the headline "Places/Parks", by the selector above or by the markings at the map below you can select the parks that you would like to know more about.

Image of a park in the Old Town
The park Riksplan at Helgeandsholmen

Info about the parks in the Old Town

The first City Park in Sweden, Strömparterren (the Stream parterre) was established in 1831 as a recreation area for the public. Before that there had not been any public parks in the city. It became very popular and more parks were established in the following years in many Swedish cities.

In the dense city area parks were often created at the centre of a block of houses when the old storages, huts, outhouses were removed and space was made for a small park where children could play etc. Other area's that was turned into small parks were former cemeteries and when several old houses were demolished in a area. In some of the parks were coffee shops established for people to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, often with a cake.