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The Bridges in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Old Town is located at 4 islands in the centre of Stockholm and bridges are a must to be able to travel between them and the rest of Stockholm. From the very beginning the only communication between the north and south of Stockholm were by the bridges at the Old Town.

By the menu top left under the headline "Places/Bridges", by the selector above or by the markings at the map below you can select the bridges that you would like to know more about.

Image of the Vasa bridge in the evening
The Vasa bridge: Photo by the Editorial Staff in 2016

Info about the bridges in the Old Town

The oldest existing bridge in the Old Town is Norrbro (the North Bridge) from 1807 but the oldest bridge in the history of Stockholm was mentioned the first time in 1288. There have been bridges in Stockholm from the very foundation of the city since it was necessary for communications within the city.

Today there are several bridges from long railroad bridges to very short pedestrian bridges. The shortest bridge is the pedestrian bridge Hebbes bro (the Hebbe Bridge) with 35 meter in length. The most beautiful bridge is according to most people Vasabron (the Vasa Bridge) from 1878 which is made of cast iron.