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Views to see in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Old Town is full of Views to see if you just know where to find them. We have chosen the most interesting ones for you and you can select them all by the selector above or on the map below.

Image of a View to see in the Old Town
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Info about Views to see in the Old Town

In the Old Town there are many interesting buildings, work of art, squares and places to view and see. Since most of the buildings in the Old Town has not been destroyed by war or fires since the 17:th century, or before, many of them are quite old. The average age is approx. 400 years with the Riddarholm church as the oldest from 1280 A.D.

Let's give you an idea of what you can View and see in the Old Town.

It's in the Old Town you can find the Royal Castle and the infamous sculptures "The Ravish groups" in front of the main entrance. We also call them "The Sex sculptures" since they picture men who abduct women with the purpose to have sex with them against their will. A Swedish king in the late 19:th century thought this was an good idea to have in front of the Royal Palace, he also had the largest collection of pornographic images in Sweden at that time.

In the Old Town you find the perfectly preserved building of the first national bank in the world. It's a magnificent building in Baroque style built in 1675-1682 as a bank building and the Swedish National Bank used it until 1905 when they moved to the todays western Parliament building. If you look at the building you can see similarities with the Royal Palace, not surprising since the architect was the same.

In the Old Town you will find the narrowest street in Sweden, it's called Mårten Trotzigs alley. It's the only preserved step-alley in Sweden and YES, you can still walk it but during the winter it might be closed due to snow.

For a short period of time Sweden had a catholic king after the reformation, and this was very special since it was death sentence at that period of time to be anything but a protestant. His name was Sigismund Vasa and he was also the king of Poland. In the Old Town you can see to house he stayed at when he visited Stockholm and was not allowed in to the Royal Palace.

In 1809 the Swedish supreme commander was lynched at a square in the Old Town because he as loyal to the Swedish king. Visit the square, it's still there, and read the full story of what happened and why. It's an adventure of love, treason, war, murder and much more.

There is a lot of places, building, alleys i.e. to View and see in the Old Town.