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Secrets in the Old Town of Stockholm

The Old Town is full of secrets. We have chosen some of the most interesting one's for you to read about by selecting them above or at the map below.

Bild på hemligheter i Gamla Stan
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Info about the Secrets of the Old Town

In the Old Town you will find markings in the streets and alleys, if you know what they indicate you will understand the interesting history they represent.

There are markings showing the part of the Stockholm Cathedral that a stubborn king decided to demolish just to create better space for the cannons at the Royal Castle to fire at attackers, but did it really make any difference? There are markings showing the old Royal Castle "Three Crowns" outer facade and wall if you know where to look. There are even markings for a gate and a convent.

In the Old Town there is a Cannonball embedded in a corner of a house that represent a Swedish leader of a rebellion besieging Stockholm, he became the founding father of the Vasa Royal Dynasty which ruled Sweden for more than 100 years.

There is even a building with 92 white stones in the facade telling a story of mass murder and ghosts.

There is a lot of secrets in the Old Town of Stockholm to be discovered by you.