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Portals in the Old Town of Stockholm

To explore the Portals in the Old Town is an veritable Eldorado for art interested persons. In the Old Town there are portals ranging from the extravagant to the strict and some date back to the 16:th century. The Portals will display sculptures, family coat of arms, ornaments, decorations, riddles and much more. The name portal comes from Latin and means gate or entrance.

Bild på en Ryningska palatset portal
The Portal at the Ryning palace, Stora Nygatan 2.

Information about 39 portals in the Old Town of Stockholm

Portals made out of sandstone was something wealthy house owners installed in their houses to show off their wealth i.e. This became very popular during the Great Power period (17:th century) in Swedish history.

During the Rococo period at the 18:th century the portals was suddenly out of fashion and the house gates and entrances should instead have grid gates and plain doors. In the 19:th century the Portals was back in fashion again but now designed in cast iron or wood and without any direct connection to the house they were installed in. This changed in the 20:th century when the connection to the house once again was established.

The Portals has often guarding lions and fruit bunches, the first displayed the poser of the house owner and the second the wealth. There are portals with ornaments and devices that encourage virtue and godliness while others tells the story of the house owner's background.

At present there are 39 portals to choose between, enjoy.