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Outdoor Public Art in the Old Town of Stockholm

In the Old Town there is Outdoor Public Art almost everywere, at most streets, parks and squares. It can be a statue, a plaque, a portal, an obelisk, a stone tablet or a rune stone. It's a perfect place for an art lover and there is also some special work of art as the smallest public art of work in Sweden or the controversial Ravish sculpture group at the Royal Castle.

You can select the Work of Art by the menu at the top left of this page, by the selector "Select a Public Work of Art" above this text or by the map at the end of this page. You can also select an Artist by the selector above this text and get all Public Work of Art in the Old Town created by him/her listed.

Please note that some of the Public Work of Arts will have a link to the Mirror Web Site were they are displayed with all information. The Web Site offers Google translate for 20 languages but the base language is Swedish. You will find the Google translate language selector at the top right on all Web pages.

Bild på ett lejonmaskaroner i Gamla Stan
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Info about Outdoor Public Art in the Old Town

In the Old Town and its 4 islands there is 80 public work of art's by 44 artist to be viewed. In reality they are more than 100 since many of the work of art groups are counted as one work of art.

All the work of art's are marked at the map below and each one is linked to its individual page describing it. The oldest work of art is from the 15:th century and the latest is from this year, more work of art's are added each year. The smallest is the Iron Boy which is also the smallest public art in Sweden, if it gets really cold there are kind people who gives him a knitted cap and/or sweater. The most well know is Saint George and the Dragon and the one that is the hardest to see is Armor Patriae at the roof of the House of Nobility.