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The Parliament Mascarones at the Old Town

The 71 Mascarones at the Parliament has an interesting history well worth to know. They are all located on top of the windows at the 1:st floor and were very controversial in the early 20:th century. We will tell you why and more.

Bild på några maskaroner
Copyright © The Parliament Mascarones.

Information about the Parliament Mascarones

A Mascarone is a sculpture picturing a face doing a grimace, it's not always very flattering. The architect of the Parliament building, Aron Johansson, decided to insert these sculptures at the facade of the Parliament building 1902-1905. He used existing member of the Parliament as models, they were not pleased when the found out. He was ordered to remove the Mascarones at once.

He replaced most of the mascarones picturing the members of the Parliament with neutral faces but some of the original sculptures were left. They still are. The total numbers are 71, 57 at the East Parliament Building and 14 at the West Parliament Building. At the photo below you can see how they are placed at the facade.

Maskaroner i fasaden på Riksdagshuset

The Mascarones are made by the sculptor Gustaf Fredrik Norling and designed by Aron Johansson.

On the map below you can see the position of all the mascarones and further below a selector where can select any of the mascarones and have some more information about who it picture. Most of them are just "A Face" but some picture a person. Number 29 is the architect, Aron Johansson, himself.



Image of Mascarones