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Audio Guide - You personal guide to the Old Town of Stockholm

An Audio Guided Tour is for you who want to walk at you own pace, when it suites you, with your Smartphone or Pad and experience the Old Town. You will find all available Audio Guided Tours at this page.

You pay with your credit card and receive an Audio Guide Code that you enter in the yellow field below this text were it says "Audio Guide Code". After selecting the button "Login" you will be taken to your purchased Audio Guide and you can start your guided tour.

Enter your Audio Guide Code in the yellow filed above to start you Audio Guide Tour. Please note that you have maximum 5 attempts, after that you are blocked for 2 hours due to security reasons.

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Information about the Audio Guides


An Audio Guide Tour costs 69 SEK (Swedish kronor) and consists of total 10 audio files (approx. 3 minutes long and in mp3 format) each to be listen to at a specific location in the Old Town for best experience. All locations are marked on a map that can also be downloaded in pdf format for greater details or to be printed.

You have to activate (login to) the Audio Guided Tour within 1 year after your purchase. After starting the Audio Guided Tour you have 6 hours to listen to the audio files, you can listen to each audio file as many times as you want to. You find the Terms & Conditions for the Audio Guides here.

price discount

After you activated (login to) the Audio Guided Tour you will be given the opportunity to buy a new Audio Guided Tour with approx. 30% discount, 49 SEK (Swedish kronor). The offer is only valid as long as you can login to your Audio Guided Tour (maximum 6 hours after the first login).

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The Payment option is either payment by PayPal account or credit card by PayPal payment window. No credit card information is saved/stored at StockholmOldTown Web Site for security reasons. PayPal is one of the world's leading payment providers on the Internet. Read more about PayPal here.



The Historic Journey - Medieval period

English flag

The Audio Guide is available in English.
Total download: Approx. 11 Mb.


The Audio Guided Tour "The Historic Journey Medieval period" takes you to a Stockholm long gone which was looking very different than today's city. At 10 stops in the Old Town we will tell you the history from the foundation until the reformation in the 16:th century. We will tell you why Stockholm is located where it is and why the city is named Stockholm.

You will visit the great North Gate at the end of the longest bridge in Sweden in those days, the North Bridge. You will see the first place of executions where the Gallows were located, you will see the old wall surrounding the city and you will walk on the oldest street in Stockholm.

We will tell you the story of the Royal Castle, how it all started and the problem with the present Royal Castle not having any towers. You will find out how it was to buy food, cloth and other items in the old days and why you could be punished for not kicking someone in the behind. In short, we will take you on a Historic Journey from the time Stockholm was born.


Views to see in the Old Town

The English flag

The Audio Guide is available in English.
Total download: Approx. 11 Mb.


The Audio Guided Tour "Views to see" in the Old Town is for you who would like to be sure not to miss the most beautiful, most important and the "Must see" buildings and places. We have selected the Top 9 Views at 10 stops (The Royal Castle has 2 stops) in the Old Town and at each we will tell a story of approx. 3 minutes.

You will see the Royal Castle, the Parliament, The Riddarholmen Church where most Swedish Kings and Queens are buried, great palaces, the Main square, the narrowest street in Sweden, the Iron square i.e. You will also see the best Point of View in the Old Town and probably the most important Public work of Art in Sweden and be told about the great battle that is the reason for it.

We will also revel a great secret which makes it much more interesting for you to walk the alleys of the Old Town afterwards, you will look at the buildings of the Old Town with new eyes.


Murder and Death, The Hangman and other wretched persons

The English flag

The Audio Guide is available in English.
Total download: Approx. 11 Mb.


The Audio Guided Tour "Murder and Death, the Hangman and other wretched persons" take place during the medieval period i Stockholm. You will visit 10 spooky places in the Old Town where we will tell you stories of what has happened there by an audio file for each place.

Stockholm during the medieval time was a place where women could be sentenced to go around the city half naked carrying large cannon balls of stone before they were thrown out of the city. The average age for a man was less than 40 year and for a woman around 30, people were punished for petty offences and it smelled anything but nice.

You will visit hell and meet the Hangman. We will tell you about how the waste was handled and you will see the most haunted houses in the Old Town. This is not for the faint hearted but it will give you an insight into a very different Stockholm than the present one.


Information about the Audio Guides


After you have paid for the Audio Guide you will get the Audio Guide Code, don't forget to write it down and save it. If you like you can start the Audio Guided Tour straight away or you can wait up until 1 year after the purchase.

When you login to the Audio Guided Tour for the first time you have 6 hours before it expire. During the 6 hours you can listen to the 10 audio files (mp3 format) as many times as you will. You can also login and logout as many times you like during the 6 hours, but there can only be one device/person logged in at the same time.


The Historic Journey Medieval period

Bild på din guide
Hi, my name is Anders and I will be your guide today.

Beneath this text you will see a map with all the 10 locations for the Audio Guided Tour. Each location has an audio file (mp3 format) directly under the image. For this Audio Guided Tour it's best to start with location 1 and end with location 10, the journey will be in the right order then. You can play the audio files as many times as you want to during 6 hours after you logged in for the first time.

The image (jpg format) above each audio file has sometimes markings that you can't see in the real life, they are only for references and to make some of the info on the audio file more clear (these markings on the images are not available at the demo version). It's a good idea to stand at the location so you see what the image shows. That's it, let's start.

Karta för den Historiska resan medeltiden

Download the map in pdf format here (The map includes street names and can be printed)
NOTE: In this demo the map can not be downloaded
NOTE: The audio files are all the same for each location below (the demo audio file for this Audio Guided Tour).

Address: Top of Lejonbacken
GPS: 59.327312, 18.071094

Address: Mynttorget
GPS: 59.32671, 18.068808

Address: Prästgatan 16
GPS: 59.325878, 18.069066

Address: Storkyrkobrinken at Storkyrkan*
GPS: 59.325949, 18.070053

Address: The Royal Castle outer Courtyard
GPS: 59.326349, 18.07016

Address: Slottsbacken at Storkyrkan*
GPS: 59.325878, 18.071008

Address: Slottsbacken 4
GPS: 59.325938, 18.072746

Address: Köpmantorget in front of the statue
GPS: 59.325128, 18.073765

Address: Stortorget (Main square) 3
GPS: 59.325035, 18.071212

Address: Stortorget (Main square) 9
GPS: 59.324865, 18.070643

*Storkyrkan = Stockholm Cathedral


If you should forget you Audio Guide Code you can contact us here and write that you have lost/forgot your Audio Guide Code. We will send you the Code, normally within 1 working day and only to the address given during the payment of the Audio Guide.