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Eat & Drink in the Old Town of Stockholm

Welcome to the section about Eat & Drink at the Old Town of Stockholm. In the Old Town there are more than 100 places to eat and drink, have a pastry or just meet friends. We have selected a few that we think offer something special. You can find all of them under the headline "Eat & drink" at the menu or by the images below.

Coffee shops

In the Old Town there are plenty of Coffee shops. Some of them are pure coffee shops with a wide range of coffee' types while others are more typical Swedish lunch restaurants that offers coffee and other non-alcoholic drinks besides the food. We have selected a few specialized coffee shops that we think is worth visiting.


In the Old Town there are some of the oldest patisseries in Stockholm, actually the oldest "Sundbergs Konditori" (Sundbergs Patisserie) which was established in 1785 is to be found at Järntorget (Iron Square) in the Old Town. This was the hot spot for the stock exchange brokers in the early 20:th century and was called "The little Stock Market" since so many deals where closed there over a nice pastry and a cup of coffee.


In the Old Town you will find a lot of restaurants, many are only open during the summer season but there is still plenty left which are open all year around. We have select a few of them that we think is well worth visiting, from the restaurant "KaffeGillet" with its vaults from the 14:th century to the restaurant "Sjätte Tunnan" with its medieval menu and music.

Tea houses

In the Old Town you will find the most pure tea house in Stockholm, "The Chaikhana". This is how tea should be enjoyed and it's not just well worth the visit, it's a experience.

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